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What is Functional Fitness Training?

Functional fitness training is freedom of movement training.

Functional fitness training is movement training with resistance.

The resistance can be in one plane two plane or three planes depending upon which plane is loaded during which movement.

The functional fitness training movement can be a accelerated speed movement or a decelerated slow movement which require stabilization or balance.

The movements involved are mostly unsupported movements which involve the core muscles to be activated.

The functional fitness training movements are ones which you use in your everyday life to a sports specific movement.

Everyday life movements like

  • Pushing a car=jammer

  • Pushing luggage on the loft= step up to shoulder press

  • Lifting the luggage of your shoulder=clean to squat to shoulder press

  • Lifting a heavy bisleri can off the floor=bentover to shrugs

Functional fitness training works on the law of physics

Science of Functional Training - Dr. Nikhil Lad
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Functional fitness training helps you burn more calories as most of the movements are compound unsupported movements .Unsupported movements result in engaging the kinetic chain of muscles. More after burn in the muscles=Increased cal requirement.

Functional fitness training is safer form of resistance training as:

1) Movements involved in functional fitness training are natural every day movements which our body is accustomed to, therefore there is inbuilt muscle memory to these movements and also the neuromuscular pattern is already inbuilt for example you donít have to teach an individual how to walk, push, lift, pull as he is accustomed to these movements since childhood. Therefore these movements are safe movements.
2) All functional fitness training movements involve the core muscles and there are about 29 of them. Forced reps plays an important role during weight training. Forced reps are repetition of exercise movements after you have reached point of failure. During forced reps you can continue the exercise safely as long as

there is freedom of movement which allows the kinetic chain of muscles to help, which also include the core muscles. For example if you are doing a standing shoulder press your forced reps would involve your lower body and core to help you unlike seated shoulder press which is a supported movement. Functional fitness training movements are unsupported core involved movement.


Functional fitness training plays an important role on the central nervous system.

Most of the exercises done on the machines like the rear- pec fly, leg press, smith machine, lying leg curl, preacher curl, seated chest press have a fixed ROM (range of movement). Due to which most of the exercises can be done eyes shut which means without concentration, focus ,alertness which also includes the most commonly used cardio equipment the treadmill.

Most of the functional fitness movements are movements with resistance on one, two or three planes where the entire body works as one unit. These movement forms different movement patterns which require a lot of co-ordination, balance, and focus. Therefore more mind body connect.

That is why functional fitness training involves a lot of balance and co-ordination drills on foam rollers, wobble boards and fit 2 function specialized equipment the balancing wheels.



Modules in Level 1 Course
Gravity and
Core Training on the Swiss Ball
Learn about the benefits of movement training, primal patterns, planes, kinetic chain and importance of core in functional training. Learn about gravity, center of gravity, base of support, factors increasing stability and important pointers on gait training. The basis concept of Rebound exercise. Find out why rebounding is so much better than all other forms of of cardio exercises. Learn how to fire your core and generate core power.

Relation between karate and functional training.
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Which exercises will help me improve fitness for ?
Rock climbing
Racket sports(cricket, long tennis, base ball)
Power lifting
Martial arts

What is feild of vision [peripheral vision]? Is it essential for sports specific training?

Complete guide to Functional Training
Gym Setup

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Fit 2 Function Kit
Fit 2 function Kit includes:
Fit 2 Function Belt
Faom Rollers
Kettle Bells
Medicine Ball
Reaction ball


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